Testimonials for Tuni Singh

Denise and I purchased a $2 million plus condo on the beach from Tuni Singh.  The biggest problem we had dealing with her was trying not to have so much fun.  You know in this real estate market there are thousands of agents but there is also always that one in million that really knows the market and knows the business.  From our personal experience we found that one in a million, Tuni Singh.

Robert and Denise Webb
Sunny Isle Beach, Florida


My husband and I had the opportunity to meet and work with Tuni after selling our South Beach condo a bit earlier than planned.  Our new penthouse is still under construction, so we needed a place to ‘hang our hats’ so to speak for a year or so.
It was our good fortune to meet Tuni, and we ended up in a lovely furnished apartment in the beautiful sister building to our future building, where we can watch the daily progress as our excitement grows over our new home.
Tuni  conducted herself in an extremely professional manner, taking into consideration all that I was going through at the time with our move.  She was not “pushy” (which would have turned me right off!) but very kind and understanding, and she and I were able to complete most of our deal via the internet.  All forms were submitted to us in a timely manner, negotiations between us and the owner were resolved very quickly, forms necessary for the buildings approval for us as tenants were delivered and approved quickly, and the overall experience was very pleasant.
The nicest part of course was my luncheon with Tuni after my husband and I were settled into our new temporary home, and a lovely dinner with her and her husband and us as well.   We have been friends ever since.

Dana Carson
Trump Palace, Sunny Isles Beach


My husband and I are from the Boston area and have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Tuni Singh.  
Tuni showed us several quality pieces of property in the Miami area on a recent visit, and intuitively knew what we were looking for.
We were both extremely pleased with her professional opinion, ideas, and expertise.
Tuni really listened and provided us with all the information we asked for and in a timely manner.  When we do find our perfect vacation home I know it will be Tuni who finds it for us.

Kathleen and John Walsh


Tuni Singh is a knowledgeable and accommodating Realtor.  She has kept us enlightened on all fronts with pricing, descriptions, and whatever information we have needed in order to make a decision to purchase.
In business for many years, owning multiple rental properties, we have dealt with many Realtors. So speaking from experience, Tuni, with her friendly manner and all of the above qualities is the person we know will fairly represent us in any purchase or rental.
Dan & Leslie Zenga

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